a PIPE full of BALLS!

I was just surfing through the New Straits Times website when i came across this. I didn't know whether to laugh or feel pity for this kid. This kid got his BALLS stuck in a metal pipe.

Apparently, this boy was was happily bathing on a Sunday morning, when his brother calls him from the adjacent room. I guess he had watched spiderman the night before because he climbed up the bathroom partition to see why his rother was making a ruckus.

POINT TO PONDER :ok, why the hell did he climb the partition? wasnt there a door there for him to open? im sure spidey would have done the same.

he then slipped and landed on an uncovered metal pipe which runs into the concrete water tank.

POINT TO PONDER : supposedly this boy is chinese. i tot at 1st, it was some sorta madatory thing where all chinese guys had small balls, so how could they have been stuck?!. But then i realised that he must have had really big balls, since he decided to CLIMB THE PARTITION in the 1st place. He has either really big balls, or really a small brain. i guess its the former since they got STUCK ANYWAY.

back to the story:
So his dad (shocked as he can be) calls for medical emergency, but since his balls were too big, the Medical staff who responded to the emergency call were forced to call firemen for help when they too failed to remove the pipe. THEY FAILED TO REMOVE IT! SO BRING IN THE CHAIN SAW!!

well, they ended up using a hydrolic cutter to cut both ends of the pipe. i guess they missed his penis. which at least proves his "meat" was small since the report didnt state that they cut it... but huge "potatoes" non the less...

to all of u who think im cruel and want to know what happened to him, he was dischared yesterday. and yes, his balls were still there. his BIG ones...

so lets all be careful next time when we bath! and dont u GIRLS think that it may not happen to u... wait a minute... girls might actually enjoy falling on the pipe....HEY, THATS NOT FAIR!...bet that boy in the story was wishing he was a girl. i know i would if that happend to me.


NO dogs and indians allowed!

HERE IT ISSSS!!!! hahah... the STPM 2007 time table (only for my science students)

19 November (Isnin)
8:00 pg - 10:00 pg - 900/1 Pengajian Am 1 (Aneka Pilihan) 2 jam

20 November (Selasa)
8:00 pg - 9:45 pg - 960/1 Physics 1 (Multiple-Choice)1¾ jam
2:00 ptg - 5:00 ptg 900/2 Pengajian Am 2 (Esei) 3 jam

21 November (Rabu)
2:00 ptg - 3:45 ptg - 962/1 Chemistry 1 (Multiple-Choice) 1¾ jam

22 November(Khamis)
2:00 ptg - 5:00 ptg - 954/1 Mathematics T 1 3 jam

26 November(Isnin)
8:00 pg - 9:45 pg - 964/1 Biology 1 (Multiple-Choice) 1¾ jam

27 November(Selasa)
8:00 pg - 11:00 pg - 954/2 Mathematics T 2 3 jam

28 November(Rabu)
2:00 ptg - 4:30 ptg - 962/2 Chemistry 2 (Structure and Essay) 2½ jam

3 Disember(Isnin)
2:00 ptg - 4:30 ptg - 960/2 Physics 2 (Structure and Essay) 2½ jam

4 Disember(Selasa)
8:00 pg - 10:30 pg - 964/2 Biology 2 (Structure and Essay) 2½ jam

we're screwed aren't we... :S

What happens to Man U when Rooney and Ronaldo dont play...


Lil' L.O.V.E.

ALRIGHT... can anyone tell me what is WRONG with this picture??
wait wait...
the correct question is...
can anyone tell me what is RIGHT with this picture??
this is what malaysia is all about. MUHIBAH! indians playing chinese chess, chinese men eating roti canai and loving it, and the malays... well... they still just sit at home and make babies.
but all in all...
its scenes like these that make us proud to be a MALAYSIAN!!!

One Minute...

Want to make someone smile? ---> =)



This morning, (this morning being the 4th of August), felt semangated to take El out on a picnic!

Was never good in putting food together, but managed to conjure up some stuff and packed it all up in my mini cooler. Got the car loaded and checked the time... "8.00am... not bad"

Well, we got to Lake Gardens and we went..... JOGGIN'!!!!


if this is what u call jogging la...

anyway, so we decided to (walk) jog one round around the lake before having out picnic.
despite all the (walking) jogging, we did get some pictures taken!

hmmm... someone looks a little underaged doesnt she?

Super Jogger (SJ)

pancit! (chicken legs!)


after all the (walking) jogging, we found ourselves a nice spot (yes yes, you chose the place El)

and just relaxed, and had sandwiches, cake and juice!!

sandwichs make anyone's face go like that

see, all the sandwichs went to her face!