The trick is to keep breathing

I just felt like it...

There was a boy,

there was a girl,

there were two hearts

that shaped their world.

As time went by,

more secrets surfaced,

and one last sad song,

that they could not survive.

He had tears to shed

and she was gone.

now to him,

all the perfect seemed wrong.

What could he do,

he could even breath,

his heart was torn

for everyone to see.

They went for their last date,

and she cried,

"All I could do,

is whisper goodbye!"

She got up to leave,

he didn't want to show,

but his heart screamed out,

"The hardest thing is letting you go!"

She was the one

the girl of his dreams,

that stayed in his heart,

that’s what he believed.

Now, he just sits

in his room alone,

wishing she was there,

wishing she had never gone.

He wishes he could turn it,

go back in time,

to when it was beautiful,

when their hearts would just shine.

He longs to hold her,

hug her tight,

but now he can't,

only in his dreams at night.

To love again,

he thinks not anymore,

he fell in love with an angel,

what more could he ask for.

He'll always be true to her,

he knows that is the case,

yet all he can do now,

is give her space.

He hopes for the time,

she'll talk to him again,

but until then,

he'll wait…

wait evermore…

For tonight, you're only here to know...

Some people go their whole lives without having true friends. Friends, who’d be there when we triumphed, fell, love, lost, hurt, smiled and even cried. These friends stick by you till the end of time. The thing is, the only way you eventually meet them is through the most smallest choice in life. For instance, I almost joined the band in school, yet made a 180degree turn at the last second to join the scouts. If I hadn’t, I’d probably never have had all those memories. All those times where we shed tear and sweat, through all those orientations, and all those times we laughed so hard for no apparent reason. yea, it’s the smallest things in life that we choose that make the biggest differences in our lives.

Sometimes it feels like yesterday, leaving VI, saying goodbye to all of them. The feeling of that day is pretty indescribable. The closest I could say is that it was a feeling that you could only get when you are at 17 and leaving school. A feeling that nobody else in the entire history of the world has ever been close to. Who ever has loved, as fiercely. Who ever has laughed, as hard.

3 years ago I graduated secondary school with my friends. AnandRaj flew to Russia to study medicine. KeongYuan and ChienYih shot to the UK to get their degrees. I joined form 6, with Nickkee, Liksheng, Danny and Wooihong. My pal Vivek went to realize his dream of becoming a lawyer at MMU Malacca. Leaving Logann and Ganesan to study A-Levels at college.

Things have changed in 3 years, many many things have changed. Everything that happened made us to what we are today. But for once in our lives, we lived for 3 years apart. For we had spent the best 5 years of our lives together, in one troop, in one school. We had a huge fight in school, among the 11 of us. Glass was broken, chairs were thrown and tears were shed. We also had a wonderful campfire, where tears were also shed at the end of the night, but they were tears of joy. We knew it was coming to an end, yet deep down, I said it was just the beginning.

We loved and we lost, and through all that, we always lent each other an ear, a hand, and a shoulder. We were beaten down, and we rose back up together, never turning back. I still remember all those memories. All those tears. All those laughter.

Recently, the 5 of us finished our form 6. I got a temp job at NSTP, Wooihong and LikSheng got jobs at their dad’s offices. Nick enrolled in Monash’s Feb intake. Vivek started shooting mini movies for film festivals. And with all the change around us, we still never forget the day we stood in the middle of the horseshoe, shouted our names and joined “the best damn thing” that changed our lives forever. A lot has changed since we left VI, but in many ways, our journey is just beginning.

Yet, with all the sweet memories that I have, that I know will last me a lifetime, there are days where it gets difficult.

So sometimes if feels like yesterday, and sometimes it feels like someone elses memory.

We came, we saw, we played in the sand!

The family and I spent our Chinese New Year in Terengganu at Awana, Kijal. Here are the pictures. We stayed for 3 days, and the pics are not in order.

we went cycling and found a pier. thats mom and dad.

thats the three of us at the pier. isaac, chris, sara.

the wind was REALLY strong.

after the pier, we just cycled everywhere and anywhere

after the bike ride, we just sat at the beach.

i think this is as close as ill ever get to getting my fingerprints in a mold.

a tribute to my cat!!! haha, we missed him on our trip. i know someone is rolling her eyes now!

isaac wanted to swim, but had to wait for sara.

we had lunch at the hotel's restaurant. im actually watching onetreehill on my ipod.

this proves that i'd make out superbly and would give great oral sex.

this was on the first day, we checked in at 3, waited till 6, then hit the beach!

i was having an emo moment. haha.

i think this is a really nice pic of sara.

never say the george boy's have no talent...

... cause we drew a lily.

i was either really into the book, rocking to a song, or constipated. sigh.

mom and dad were just hangin' by the poolside.

the last morning, we got up early to have coffee by the beach.

with our shirts on...

...and with them off! sigh, im so far from April 25th.

"sand is meant for drawing"... quote isaac.

if u notice that mound with a leaf was an attempted sandcastle.

we had yee sang on the first night of CNY. yes, we're too chinese.

this is how we basically spent our nights. no astro so tv2 was our friend.