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A psychopathic, mass murdering, schizoprenic with zero empathy!


on a different note...

Nobody could have written a better fairy tale than the one I seem to be living right now...

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be honest , listen, reflect... pt 2


SO… I had the bunk nearest to the door. Well, not really the nearest, but most accessible from the door, so when GabrielTheFaci comes in to ring the morning bell to wake us up, he’d stand right by MY BED. @*#$&@*. Anyway, so we all get up and start taking turns to bath. HAHA, only I decided not to. Why? Cause I cant stand bathing with ice cubes at 645am! The water was freakkiiiinnngggg COLD! So I thought why bother and just bath in the evening. Don’t need to impress anyone right? (or so I thought. HAHA). After the morning prayer, we had breakfast. We learnt that we had to sit in our groups and everyone had to be seated with their food at the table before we could start. Grace was obviously said too. HAHA, so kesian my group faci, Charissa. We NEVER waited for her, and she’d always come to the table and whine in the cutest voice “alaaaaaaaaa…why ya’ll never wait for meeeeeeee”. HAHA, so cute! We had our first session after breakfast!! It was about an introduction to ourselves and our lives as catholics. Yes, I am a catholic! Anyway…. First, we got a handout, and had to draw a self-emblem. We had to describe our good qualities, growth experiences, growth obstacles and our motivations by drawing this emblem. HAHA. I drew it. And everybody knows that Chris even has a hard time drawing stickmen…. So…. MOVING ON….the next handout had 10 boxes and each box had a few patterns in them. All we had to do was chose one for every box and the answers would describe us. Hahaha, so Amanda and I just chose the prettiest ones in the box. And somehow, the answers DID describe is. Not totally, but they had a few hits on us. Weird. And then the last handout was just a blank paper with a big empty square in the middle. And we were just asked to draw a tree. AND apparently, they can describe the person you are just by looking at the tree you drew. HAHA. So I learnt at this 7 day camp, how to draw a tree! We broke for lunch, once again didn’t wait for Charissa, then went back for the second part of the session. This was about self image and self esteem. We had to rate ourselves bla bla bla. The best session was at night, cause we watched a movie!!! We watched PAY IT FORWARD. They had Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt and Haley Joel Osment in it. It was about a young boy who attempts to make the world a better place. And he really did! It was a really touching movie. But I was tearing more to the fact that Amanda didn’t sneak Dinesh and I M&M’s. So selfish! HAHA. Can see she and her friends munching on those soft, sweet M&M’s in front of us and not caring to share. ISH. After the movie, they had the TaizĂ© prayer. The TaizĂ© prayer is a quiet simple way of prayer designed for people of all Christian traditions. These meditative candlelit services include simple chants sung repeatedly; rich silence; and prayers of praise and intercession. It has a long history so go look it up if you want. But it was great to find out about a prayer like this. Never knew it existed. We then turned in for the night, everyone silent and deep in reflection. It was a good day, and slowly I was beginning to like this camp. But, oh, so very slowly…